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About this site...

New-Forex-Software.com aims to provide the most trusted reviews of Forex Automated Trading Systems available on the internet. Currently, we have reviewed 89 forex automated trading systems and ranked the top 4 with complete reviews written on them.

As software technology advances along with the interest in forex trading, many highly successful veteran forex traders have emerged on the internet with "in-house" developed forex trading software. These software systems boast highly effective automated forex signaling and trading functions coupled with powerful analytical capabilities.

With that also comes second-rate software companies peddling ineffective crappy software that can make you lose money rather than make money. I have gone through each software system personally to test them out and uncover the ones that allow you to trade the forex market on autopilot while also producing the most profitable results. Complete reviews are then written to help you make the best informed decision. I will provide insights to the trading systems, their effectiveness, their user-friendliness, the testing results and a lot more...