Forex Funnel Review

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Price:  $137.00
Guarantee:  Yes, 60 day money-back guarantee
Earnings Potential:  9.8/10
Success Rate:  9.8/10
Ease of Use:  9/10

It's the highest priced autopilot for a reason, it works!

Forex Funnel is an automated trading system from NC Media, a media group well known for their high quality products and standards.

Forex Funnel is an expert advisor that works with MetaTrader (which can be downloaded for free). An Expert Advisor (EA) is a software that can trade the forex market on itself using MetaTrader. The trades are done according to a set of rules which was programmed into the system backed by a sound forex strategy. The strategy consists of making lots of small trades with little risk, this is a big part of why Forex Funnel is so much more successful than the rest. Less Risk!

The download page of Forex funnel is very user friendly. It includes everything from the download link to the support email. Forex Funnel contains not only the trading system itself and a written instructions manual, but also a series of well done videos explaining exactly how to install Forex Funnel and start trading.

Another unique feature Forex Funnel has is it can open multiple trades at the same time. No other autopilot can do this, as you can see here:

first trade funnel

As you can see, Forex Funnel really lives up to its name. It creates a boundry and a funnel for the curency to move in. This situation keeps a constant small loss, which is not affected by the direction the pair is going to. However, when the exchange rate hits one of the boundries, the small loss becomes a very big profit:

forex funnel profit

The big white line triggered the profit action, and Forex Funnel quickly took a profit and protected it. Then it built a funnel around the new rate, so it can profit from that rate as well. This time, the trade size was doubled, so the profit was also doubled.

In the following situation, there is one very profitable trade and two losing trades. However, the winning trade is big enough to cover the two losing trades and even make a small profit. This happens because the winning trade's size is double the size of the losing trades, so it can cover them both. This is the genius behind Forex Funnel.

double trade

As you can see, Forex funnel is indeed an excellent Expert Advisor that can make you huge sums of money. All you have to do is follow what it says and funnel your profits to your pocket. Its simplicity and ease of use make it possible for anyone to profit in the forex market.

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